Oneness Meditation Event

May 12-17, 2012 The Oneness Meditation
with Skip Miller


About Deeksha:

The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)  is a non-denominational experience that awakens our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with those we love, with ourselves, with strangers and with our creator.

The Oneness Blessing is also found to help in the healing of the body and in the discharge of repetitive emotional patterns, resulting in greater ease and comfort with oneself. In relationships it enables a greater sensitivity and connectedness with the other, freeing you from the limitations of your judgments and conditioning.Success and prosperity begins with consciousness – a capacity to expand your horizon of thinking and an understanding of the universe around you, the principles governing you.

It has often been said that if you take one step towards God, then God will take a hundred steps towards you. We have so many ways to take a step towards the divine: prayer, meditation, chanting – in fact every kind of spiritual practice in every tradition. The Oneness Blessing is one way that the divine can reach out to mankind; it is a gift, a benediction of grace.

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Here are the weekly teachings from webcasts with Sri Bhagavan.  These teachings help us become aware of our current state and when the awakened state is occurring in our lives…  If you would like to go deeper into these teachings, join Alina Shalev for satsang, meditation and Oneness Blessings on Tuesdays in Westlake Village.   Her group focuses on these teachings regarding the “Awakened One” each week.

“The Awakened One is one with the what is.
The unawakened one is one with the what should be.”


“The Awakened One lives in the mystery that life is.
The unawakened one tries to understand what life is.”


“The Awakened One whether does or does not do, does not try.
The unawakened one whether does or does not do, does try.”


“The Awakened One has no mind.
The unawakened one has a mind.
The Awakened One having no mind works with the mind of others.
The unawakened one having a mind struggles with the mind of others.”


“The Awakened One allows things to happen their own way.
The unawakened one tries to make things happen one’s own way.”


“The Awakened One is constantly unlearning and therefore continuously unburdened, lives in freedom.
The unawakened one is constantly learning and therefore continuously burdened and does not know what freedom is and hence what living is.”


I began receiving the Oneness blessing in December of 2009 when a friend of mine brought me to the Wednesday night gathering at Malaena and Rama’s. I was very newly overcoming a toxic lifestyle and the blessing began to help me connect and stay connected to the Divine within me and all around me. This was a connection I’d been longing for my entire life. I had been actively seeking it out in every way  I knew how, and thankfully I was led to this beautiful gift, the Oneness Blessing and Community.

February 14th,  2010,  I became initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver and it was one of the most profound days of my life. I was shown things and felt things inside that I always imagined were there, but couldn’t really access. I experienced a sense of joy and inner peace so great, that I finally understood what the term “Ecstasy” really meant. This was the high I‘d been looking for all along. The blessing has totally healed me on multiple levels. I‘ve gone from someone who was once addicted to alcohol, drugs, someone battling depression and anxiety on and off, and someone who didn’t feel much love and respect for herself,  to someone who is actively following my heart on a daily basis, and who is high on life. I now have an internal guidance system that directs my thoughts, my words, and my actions and choices.

I did many processes with my Oneness Community in Los Angeles, particularly my Tarzana/Woodland Hills group, such as 64 Deeksha, The Mukthi process, chakra cleansing processes, deepening processes, Bakthi yoga, and many more. Each one of them transformed me deeply and  I am eternally grateful.

I have cleansed my life of unhealthy relationships, cleansed my body from unhealthy food and substances, and cleansed my soul of unhealthy emotions, judgments, and limitations.

In July of 2011 I set off on a journey to see more of the world and to explore myself more deeply. I moved to Sydney, Australia with the intention of allowing myself to be guided. I followed a calling within. I have been in Australia almost 8 months now, and have seen so much of this country. I have received and given Deeksha with the Sydney Oneness Community, given and received Deeksha as well as spent October 28th with the Oneness Community in Melbourne, Victoria, and I am now living on the Gold Coast, Queensland and attend weekly Blessings and events such as 64, mukthi, bakthi, and more with the Oneness Community here. They are amazing here! I feel so blessed to have blessing givers all around me everywhere  go.

The first 2 friends I met here in Australia were blessing givers and we didn’t even know! We found out a week or more into our friendships. Then I took a job down in Victoria and they had just hired another woman from Queensland who traveled to take the job, and it turned out she was a blessing giver too. So the Divine never lets me get far from Oneness.

I am now on the Gold Coast because I was guided to study at a yoga studio here. I am currently in training to become an International Yoga Instructor, and my Pilates training will begin as soon as yoga training ends. I am doing meditation workshops, coaching young women on health, wellness, and cultivating a spiritual practice and connection, I am growing my Personal Growth Practice, and I am just taking the next indicated action as more is revealed to me every single day. My life has become a happy surprise, and as I apply the tools I now have and turn to my Divine for all things, all my needs are always met.

-Erin Lanahan
Personal Growth Coach, Fitness and Wellnes Guru, Author and Speaker